Fostering integration through education and training.

North-South Cooperation specializes in enabling the most disadvantaged to access education and training.

Our projects are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our beneficiaries are the poorest of the poor.


With our partners, we develop libraries: to allow poorest students to find their textbooks to improve their school results; to allow children to start reading; to contribute to adults’ literacy; to contribute to teachers’ training.


We also develop ICT/Internet centers to provide PC basic training and Internet access to the most disadvantaged communities.


We also support local schools that help saving street children.

We support rehabilitation centers for street children and teenagers addicted to drugs, by providing them with workshops to develop their professional skills.


We support local sports centers to keep youth off the streets and guide them towards education and leadership.

We also work on projects in Luxembourg: to make the public aware of the co-operation issues, with its challenges and possible solutions.


In 2015, we have received the Agrément by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs as NGO partner of the Luxembourg co-operation.